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The ownership of land and property is a cornerstone of the American Dream.  Determining the actual limits of ownership or property lines is a key role of the Professional Land Surveyor and a duty taken very seriously by J.C. Andrus & Associates.

The process involves the research of written records such as deeds, subdivision plats, and previous surveys; the recovery of existing survey monuments; necessary measurements with survey equipment; an overall analysis of all information collected; Final staking of the property lines; and the preparation of a signed and sealed survey drawing for the client's records.



J.C. Andrus & Associates has a history of providing surveying services for critical industrial applications.  We have the equipment, and the techniques to provide accuracies of 0.005' (1/16") for control networks, and resulting layout capabilities of 0.007' (3/32"). 

Control Techniques:

All too often surveyors depend solely on their robotic or GPS equipment to hastily establish survey control.  Such crude practices leave latent errors that tend to reveal themselves late in the project when correction becomes very expensive. 

Andrus establishes control using solid geometric techniques together with calibrated precision equipment.


Key Projects:

Sunoco Toledo Refinery Expansion Project  2007-2008. Established a series of control monuments and densified control to provide complete layout services for an approximate $600,000,000 project.

Toledo Edison Transmission (700 miles of Right of ways) 1966-1977



For over fifty years, J.C. Andrus has provided commercial surveying services including, but not limited to construction staking, easement preparation and layout, and right of way staking. 

Andrus has also performed hundreds of ALTA/ACSM surveys and is well versed with the latest standards and requirements.



For nearly fourty years, many home owners and businesses have had to deal with flood or flood plane issues.   The Federal government has for some time maintained flood maps to act as the guide for flood plane boundaries.  Your home or business may appear in one of these zones, but may be high enough and constructed is such a way to allow it to be removed from the flood plane.  J.C. Andrus has performed hundreds of flood certificates and other services that have facilitated the removal of many properties form flood planes.



J. C. Andrus Survey Company was organized on a full time basis as a sole proprietorship by James C. Andrus, P.S. in 1966.  The firm was incorporated in 1971 and took its present name in April of 1972.
The founding firm, J. C. Andrus Survey Company, was the first organization in Northwest Ohio to own and use electronic distance measuring equipment, theodolites, self-leveling levels, to employ the use of a time-share computer terminal, and provide mobile communication devices for their field personnel.
Over the past 55 years, we have performed over 14,000 individual surveys and over 66500 mortgage surveys.  In addition to the previously performed surveys stored in our archives, we have acquired records of eight other survey companies totaling over 50,000. All these records at our disposal allow our surveyors to have the best historical information to make solid survey judgements.
At present Andrus employs Ohio licensed professional land surveyors, & A Michigan Licensed Professional Surveyor.​
  • David A. Andrus, P.S.


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